How Robbins Geller Drives the Legal Conversation

It’s standard practice for law firms to talk up signature achievements: notable settlements, precedent-setting judgments, impressive recoveries. Most firms have a handful of go-to cases whose outcomes reflect favorably on the attorneys and support staff who shepherded them to completion.

That said, there aren’t many law firms that can honestly position themselves as legitimate drivers of the legal conversation — as firms whose activities are closely monitored by the competition, watched warily by potential adversaries, and respected by the judges and independent observers with whom they work. Thanks to the unmatched competence, tenacity and experience of its 200-plus attorneys and dozens-strong support staff, Robbins Geller is one such firm.

Though Robbins Geller specializes in complex securities fraud litigation, the Firm has amassed an impressive record — including a number of precedent-setting judgments — across a variety of in-demand practice areas. Here’s a look at the Firm’s most notable achievements in recent years.

High-profile Robbins Geller cases

It’s not possible to discuss Robbins Geller without at least paying lip service to some of the Firm’s most noteworthy cases. The high-profile nature of these actions and the resultant press has contributed to the Firm’s standalone reputation in the securities fraud space.

There are several reasons for Robbins Geller’s success. First, the Firm has an incredible support team of more than two dozen seasoned investigators, forensic accountants, economists and damage analysts. This team does invaluable work during the run-up to securities fraud actions and forms the core of Robbins Geller’s proprietary, no-cost Portfolio Monitoring Program.

Robbins Geller also employs, among its 200 attorneys, more than 20 former state and federal prosecutors with collective decades of trial experience, including in securities fraud matters. Their knowledge is a critical advantage in complex securities fraud actions that may turn on a few key details — details often missed by less experienced attorneys.

Finally, Robbins Geller’s legal teams have achieved favorable outcomes in cases that transcended the narrow corridors of the legal world and captured the public’s imagination. These include:

  • The largest securities class action settlement in history, totaling $7.3 billion (Enron)
  • The first completed securities fraud action (settled for $500 million) directly tied to the packaging of mortgage-backed securities during the most recent financial crisis (Luther v. Countrywide Financial Group)
  • A $650 million recovery tied to fraudulent WorldCom bond offerings, possibly the highest-profile instance of securities fraud around the turn of the 21st century (Alaska Electric Pension Fund v. Citigroup)
  • The largest securities fraud judgment subsequent to a class action trial to date, also notable as one of the only such actions brought successfully in the wake of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (Jaffe v. Household International)

Precedent-setting consumer protection cases

Robbins Geller attorneys have also been involved in a number of precedent-setting consumer protection cases. Such actions and their eventual outcomes don’t always arouse the passions of the public, but their impact can be just as long-lived — longer, in some cases — than higher-profile securities fraud outcomes.

Notable consumer protection cases include:

  • Koponen v. Pac. Gas & Elec. Co., 165 Cal. App. 4th 345 (2008), primarily notable for a judge’s ruling that a statute limiting the authority of California courts to review or correct decisions of the California Public Utilities Commission did not preclude plaintiffs from securing damages arising from the defendant’s unlawful use of easements and rights of way.
  • Sanford v. MemberWorks, Inc., 483 F.3d 956 (9th Cir. 2007), a plaintiff-friendly judgment that allowed the plaintiff to pursue a class action despite defendants’ claims that she had implicitly agreed to arbitration.

Notable insurance cases

Robbins Geller is also committed to upholding the rights of clients who have been harmed by insurance firms and their subsidiaries. The Firm’s most notable insurance cases include:

  • Troyk v. Farmers Grp., Inc., 171 Cal. App. 4th 1305 (2009), in which a judge ruled that the defendant’s practice of including a non-specific service charge in its policies was in violation of California’s Insurance Code.
  • In re Monumental Life Ins. Co., 365 F.3d 408, 416 (5th Cir. 2004), in which a judge reversed on appeal a lower court’s decision to deny certification to a class of African-American plaintiffs in a case involving discriminatory insurance practices over a period of many years (and which was viewed as a long-overdue victory for civil rights advocates).

A bright future for Robbins Geller

Robbins Geller’s partners and associates can take pride in the hard-won settlements and precedent-setting judgments they’ve secured over the years. But the Firm isn’t resting on its laurels. The relentless pace of technological change has created new risks and challenges for Robbins Geller’s clients — and new opportunities for the Firm to stand up for their rights.