Robbins Geller Stakes Its Claim as California’s Most Innovative Law Firm

Law isn’t known as a high-tech profession. Asked to describe his or her idea of a lawyer, the typical layperson is likely to draw a serious-looking person wearing formal attire and carrying a briefcase, legal pad and pen. Perhaps that’s not an inaccurate image. But it does do a disservice to the legal industry’s ongoing embrace of new technology, from e-discovery protocols to the slow but steady adoption of the almighty tablet and the concurrent phasing-out of the legal pad.

Robbins Geller is on the forefront of the legal profession’s technological revolution. It’s also embracing sustainability in every aspect of its practice. Here’s how Robbins Geller is laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow.

A sustainable sustainability policy

Robbins Geller’s sustainability policy is more than mere words — and much more than a handful of break-room recycling bins. In fact, the Firm is actively involved in several distinct recycling programs. This includes an electronics recycling program that disposes of hundreds of old computers, printers, mobile devices and electronic accessories per year in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Robbins Geller also follows the sustainability protocols outlined by the American Bar Association, including:

  • All first-use paper contains at least 30% post-consumer content
  • Recycle all mixed, non-sensitive office papers
  • Use scanned/emailed files instead of paper documents whenever possible
  • Utilize e-discovery technology
  • Replace all obsolete equipment with Energy Star equipment
  • Use CFLs and other low-power lighting equipment
  • Power down electronics when not in use
  • Follow double-sided copying protocols

Technology that benefits attorneys and clients alike

Robbins Geller’s first obligation is to its clients. The Firm wouldn’t be recognized as one of the country’s preeminent securities fraud firms were it not for the competence and tenacity with which it represents its clients.

That said, Robbins Geller recognizes the importance of remaining on the cutting edge of technological innovation. Several initiatives, some in place for years, have earned the Firm a reputation as a prudent first adopter:

  • E-discovery. Robbins Geller was among the first California-based law firms to embrace e-discovery technology. Though e-discovery is now standard in many of the jurisdictions in which Robbins Geller operates, the Firm’s attorneys are intimately familiar with the e-discovery process and the technology that underpins it.
  • Ironclad data security. Robbins Geller is evangelical about the need for tight data security protocols. The Firm treats all client data with the utmost respect and continually invests in upgrades to remain one step ahead of cybercriminals.
  • Relentless testing. Robbins Geller continually strives to improve the client experience. From a technology standpoint, that means relentless testing and experimentation to determine which apps and interfaces work best for those it represents — and which impede the Firm’s obligation to uphold clients’ rights to the best of its abilities.
  • Portfolio Monitoring Program. The Firm’s proprietary Portfolio Monitoring Program uses sophisticated software that monitors client transactions and immediately notifies relevant parties when losses could be attributable to fraudulent activity. Additional layers of physical and virtual security underpin this program, which is without equal in the securities fraud law field.

Imagining the future of the legal profession

A generation ago, now-standard applications of legal technology (like e-discovery) were beyond the realm of comprehension for most attorneys. A generation hence, it’s likely we’ll take for granted things that we can scarcely conceive today. The question of whether it’s possible to turn back the clock on the technological revolution is settled: we can’t. The real question for innovative firms like Robbins Geller becomes, how will we harness that revolution?