What Can Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring Program Do for You?

Navigating the constantly shifting currents of the world’s financial markets is a challenge, even for seasoned investors. Individuals and institutions with limited resources often devote the bulk of their energy to employing new strategies, not to double- and triple-checking the good work they’ve already done.

Unfortunately, securities fraud rarely announces itself in the light of day. It can take years for a fraudulent activity to be uncovered, with many discoveries coming too late for anything to be done. To increase investors’ chances of finding potentially fraudulent activity in a timely fashion, Robbins Geller has developed a proprietary, no-cost portfolio monitoring system that’s used by individual and institutional investors around the world.

How Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring Program works

According to Robbins Geller, the Firm’s Portfolio Monitoring Program is a “sophisticated, exclusive and secure service for institutional investors … built around proprietary software that is able to provide essential information to track investment losses.” The Program is overseen by David C. Walton, a Robbins Geller partner and one of the 35 Robbins Geller attorneys added to the 2015 San Diego Super Lawyers list.

The cost-free Portfolio Monitoring Program is used by hundreds of Robbins Geller clients, collectively covering at least $2 trillion in assets under management. It’s important to note that the Program isn’t simply an automated “early detection” system or loss-prevention program of the sort used by brokerage houses and fund managers. It’s a hands-on, human-directed program that leverages the skills and insight of expert financial attorneys, experienced forensic accountants, data analysts and economists. When unusual activity is detected, the combined efforts of these professionals allows Robbins Geller to rapidly produce a detailed report and pass it along to the affected investor(s), who can then elect to take further action.

The benefits of portfolio monitoring

The benefits of Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring Program are manifold:

  • Ironclad data security. Funds, fund managers and individual investors are rightly concerned about the security of sensitive financial and personal data. Robbins Geller makes data security a top priority for Portfolio Monitoring clients. The Firm uses state-of-the-art network security protocols, including private addressing, adaptive security algorithm and a firewalled UNIX operating system. Physical security is no less impressive: Robbins Geller uses redIT, a secure San Diego data center with closed-circuit monitoring, biometric scanner access, cabinet door monitoring and a rapid-response fire extinguishing system.
  • Timely, detailed reporting. Robbins Geller advises all Portfolio Monitoring clients to designate a “point person” to converse with its monitoring team, eliminating the risk of duplicate communications or internal conflict. Full forensic loss reports often come within days of the discovery of suspicious activity.
  • International reach. If desired, Portfolio Monitoring clients with international exposure can receive a quarterly International Monitoring Report that provides detailed outlines of pending international securities fraud actions and personally alerts recipients invested in at-issue securities.

Robbins Geller: uniquely positioned to pursue securities fraud cases

Robbins Geller is committed to protecting the rights of individual and institutional investors affected by securities fraud. Just as importantly, it’s committed to reducing the incidence of securities fraud altogether. The Robbins Geller Portfolio Monitoring Program is a critical part of this effort — and, the Firm hopes, a powerful incentive for publicly traded companies and their officers to play by the rules.